Tree of Poetry mural

Annikki Poetry Festival

Visual arts 2022

The Annikki Poetry Festivall’s focus is still on poetry, although it has expanded to also include the visual arts. The title artist of 2022 festival was Teemu Mäenpää. Mäenpää’s works were displayed at the Annikki Art Kiosk next to the wooden quarter and in various parts of the festival area on the festival day. The ‘Runopuu’ (‘Tree of Poetry’) mural, painted by Mäenpää, is located near the venue.

An exhibition by visual artist A-K Laine was displayed at Galleria Ovi. Comics reporter Amanda Vähämäki’s new drawings of the festival arrangements were displayed in the courtyard. ‘Puuradio’ (‘Tree Radio’), a spatial work of art by Outi Rossi and Kalle Klemola, could be found in the courtyard near the café. In addition, two electrical cabinets painted by artist Elliina Peltoniemi can be found in the vicinity of the festival area.

Teemu Mäenpää

Teemu Mäenpää was the title artist of 2022 Annikki Poetry Festival. A visual artist living in Tampere, he has his roots in street art. Mäenpää is also known as one of Finland’s leading muralists. He has taken part in dozens of individual and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad, and his work is included in several private collections and the Finnish State Art Collection. His work will be displayed at the Annikki Art Kiosk and in various parts of the festival area on the festival day.

Runopuu mural

In June 2020, Teemu Mäenpää created the ‘Runopuu’ (‘Tree of Poetry’) mural, produced by the Annikki Poetry Festival. The work is located at Pinninkatu 14, about 150 metres from the Annikki Wood Quarter. Since its completion, the poetry mural has become a new landmark for Tampere, one of the most prominent public works of art in the city.

A-K Laine

A-K Laine is a visual artist living and working in the Annikki Wooden Quarter. Her exhibition ‘Olet tarpeeksi – You Are Enough’ was displayed at Galleria Ovi in the Annikki courtyard on the festival day.

Amanda Vähämäki

Award-winning comics artist Amanda Vähämäki served as comics reporter for the Annikki Poetry Festival. She followed the festival and its preparations in the Annikki Wooden Quarter from the beginning to the end and drew comics of her experiences. Her new drawings of the poetry festival arrangements were displayed in a small exhibition in the courtyard on the festival day.


‘Puuradio’ (‘Tree Radio’) is a spatial installation of art created by traditional carpenter Kalle Klemola based on an idea by scriptwriter and dramaturge Outi Rossi. The work consists of a spruce trunk, which has been hollowed out, sliced and set upright so that you can step inside the tree, closing the hinged door behind you. Inside, you can hear a sound piece consisting of compositions reflecting the ideological history of the mid-19th century, prose poems and songs composed by Matti Wallenius and performed by Laura Vallden, with lyrics by Outi Rossi.

Elliina Peltoniemi

In the vicinity of the festival area, on Salhojankatu, two electrical cabinets have been painted by artist Elliina Peltoniemi to create works of art commissioned by the Annikki Poetry Festival, referring to the poetry mural in terms of both theme and appearance. The works were unveiled on the morning of the festival. The electrical cabinet art has been created in cooperation with the Sirkusrakkauspumpum association.