Annikin Runofestivaali 2018 - Vapaa on vain umpihanki!

Annikin Runofestivaali

Annikki Poetry Festival in Tampere, Finland

Our volunteer work for the festival continues. We are closely following the coronavirus situation and official instructions. Read more!

For the first time, the festival will extend to two days, taking place on 5–6 June 2020. The theme will be "I love – let the whole world know it". The programme will include performers who boldly express their identity through their artistic work. On the first day of the festival, Friday, 5 June, the events will take place in various parts of Tampere. On Saturday, 6 June, the poetry festival will be held in its usual setting, the unique yard of the Annikki Wooden Quarter, whose history spans over a century.

The first day of the Annikki Poetry Festival will open with the unveiling of a mural featuring poetry by Mirkka Rekola, to be located in the vicinity of the Annikki Wooden Quarter. The work will be created by top Finnish mural artist Teemu Mäenpää. On Saturday, 6 June, there will be prominent Finnish and international performers, prose breaks, debutant[e] poets, visual arts and high-quality programme for children and young people. The festival schedule will be announced later.

Since 2003

In 2003, the residents of Annikki Wooden Quarter in Tampere founded a poetry event in their yard. Since then, Annikki Poetry Festival has developed into one of Finland’s most significant poetry events and original cultural festivals. It has also spawned Annikki OFF, a three-day series of events around the city. Annikki Poetry Festival is organised by volunteers every two years.