Annikin Runofestivaali 2020 - Rakastan, sanon sen kaikille

Annikki Poetry Festival

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The Annikki Poetry Festival is cancelled

After thorough consideration, we decided to cancel The 2020 Annikki Poetry Festival as a public event because of the coronavirus situation. The poetry festival puts health and safety first – that of the performers and public and, naturally, also the residents of the Annikki Wooden Quarter, which serves as the venue. The situation is heart-breaking and sad for all who have put in months of volunteer work in organising the festival.

Live video stream on 6 June

Even though the Annikki Poetry Festival was cancelled, the event happened without an audience, with a condensed programme, and streamed live and free online. The live video stream was sent from the atmospheric Annikki Wooden Quarter on the original date of the event, 6 June 2020. The stream was shot by professionals using several cameras.

The performers in the Annikki Poetry Festival live stream were Jonimatti Joutsijärvi, Monika Fagerholm, Happonen, Paleface & Viljanen, Elsa Tölli, Hannu Mäkelä, Adikia and Alexandra Salmela & J.P. Laitinen. The show was hosted by Päivi Haanpää. The unveiling of the mural featuring poetry by Mirkka Rekola was also be included in the live stream.

In connection with the live stream, we saw also pecially-made video greetings by the Annikki Poetry Festival’s cancelled foreign and Finnish performers: Zena Edwards (UK), Flying Words Project (USA), Niillas Holmberg (FI) and Sanni Purhonen (FI). The show will be hosted by Päivi Haanpää and Anna Elina Isoaro.