Annikki Poetry Festival

Annikki Poetry Festival

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Annikki Poetry Festival will be held next time on 8 June 2024 from 11 am to 10 pm. Annikki Poetry Festival is organised by volunteers every two years.

Festival venue

The festival will be held in the unique yard of the Annikki Wooden Quarter, whose history spans over a century. It is located at Annikinkuja 2, near Tammelantori Market Square, about half a kilometre from Tampere Railway Station and one kilometre from Tampere Bus StationAddress: Annikinkuja 2 Tampere, Finland. See the map.

Annikki Poetry Festival since 2003

In 2003, the residents of Annikki Wooden Quarter in Tampere founded a poetry event in their courtyard. Since then, Annikki Poetry Festival has developed into one of Finland’s most international and significant poetry events and original cultural festivals. In addition to Finnish performers, Annikki Poetry Festival also regularly features high profile international performers.

The Annikki Poetry Festival has also spawned Annikki OFF, a three-day series of events around the city. The festival is organised by volunteers every two years. The Artistic Direcor of the festival is poet J.K. Ihalainen.